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IP Investigations Services in Ahmedabad

IP investigations in Ahmedabad are the unrivalled processes for getting the most consistent results and excellent solution entire problems of all IP rights holders. There are various types of intellectual property owners which include brand owners, company owners, trademark owners and the whole industry of manufacturers who are motivated to work for the society which raises them to bring their creativity in the form of products and services for the superb use of the society. Our Ahmedabad intellectual property investigators go beyond the scope to bring the possibility of protecting the eminent rights against the dangerous effects of counterfeiting. The major aim of our services is to give the protection to best held rights of innovators.

The excellent IP investigations services in Ahmedabad for great use are mentioned below:

  • Service of Cease & Desist Notices
  • IP Sample/Test Purchases
  • Law Enforcements Services
  • Trade Mark Purchases
  • Market Surveys/Vendor Information
  • Market Monitoring Services
  • Internet survey and monitoring services
  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence
  • Customs Protection
  • Brand Integrity Audit Services
  • Counterfeiting / Infringement Investigations
  • IP Litigations Support Investigations
  • Gray Market/ Parallel Trade Investigations
  • Conduct and organize criminal/civil seizures

Market Watch Programme:

Our IP investigator in Ahmedabad have the significance in creating advanced program for providing the comprehensive IP Investigation to give the up dated information on the market in an the intention to verify the situation for making it conducive for effective enforcement actions including raid assistance. These specialized programs are offered on special request which raises these professionals to randomly visit the renowned markets at the set interval of time to notice the trading activity of counterfeit goods. For getting the latest updates on IP services Ahmedabad IP investigators, kindly contact us on info@ahmedabadprivateinvestigator.com.

Intellectual property investigation services